At Bátelo Karaoke, we are passionate about music and fun. Since 2018, we have been the meeting place for karaoke lovers in the center of Madrid. Our goal is to provide a unique, modern, and fun karaoke experience for all our customers. At Bátelo Karaoke, we steer away from the traditional karaoke that many have idealized with its huge stage, microphone stand, and bright spotlights. Instead, our cozy and stage-less atmosphere is perfect for those who want to enjoy karaoke without feeling intimidated by stage fright. At Bátelo Karaoke, everyone is welcome to sing, dance, and have fun without feeling the pressure of having to be on stage and be the center of attention. Bátelo Karaoke is located in the heart of the Barrio de Las Letras, in a central and easily accessible area in Madrid, making us the perfect place for a fun-filled karaoke night.

Our venue has a QR code system that allows you to add songs directly from your mobile
phone. With our extensive catalog of songs, from timeless classics to the latest hits, we
are confident that you will find your favorite songs and have fun singing with your friends and
And to keep the party going, we offer a wide variety of drinks and cocktails so you can
enjoy your night to the fullest. Whether you prefer beer, wine, spirits, or non-alcoholic
beverages, we have something for everyone.
In summary, Bátelo Karaoke is the ideal place to have fun and have a good time singing. We
want you to feel at home and enjoy every moment with your loved ones. Come and enjoy an
exciting karaoke experience and a night you won’t forget.
We look forward to seeing you soon at our venue!